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The past week here, in Dallas, has been the busiest so far. I have been working on a new navigation bar for Community Server Enterprise Reporting. I also have been making phone calls and getting everything in place for when school starts.

In other news, Telligent is flying in all the remote employees. They should all be here by tonight, so tomorrow will be a really fun day; meeting all the Telligent employees. One might wonder what will take place tomorrow. We will be working all day and then were having a game night, plus an all-night hack-a-thon! I’m putting money on the fact that Wednesday will be a very slow work day.

Today’s Lesson

If you have a flash object and have a drop down menu that needs to be placed on top of the flash object instead of being cut off behind it. You need to set the wmode (window mode) parameter to Transparent like this

fo.addParam('wmode', 'transparent');

I have come across a lot of documentation today that had

so.addVariable('wmode', 'transparent');

This is completely wrong and will not work. So I advise anyone who is having problems to use addParam.

Read the complete post at telliterns.com/blaken/archive/2007/08/13/are-your-flash-objects-stealing-your-screen.aspx

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