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Automated Unit testing is one subject that I do not know too much about. I was wishing this summer that we would get the chance to unit test the Community Server Enterprise Reporting project. We will see what the near future brings; I think we are not unit testing because the code is constantly changing. Once we get a little further down the road, I can see us running some unit tests on our project.

If you are in the North Dallas area tonight and have some time to kill. Please feel free to stop by the Intuit “Quicken” headquarters around 6:00 PM. David O’Hara will be giving a speech on Automated Unit Testing for the North Dallas .NET User Group. I’m expecting to learn quite a bit from his presentation, so if he lets me down you will hear about it in tomorrow’s post. The North Dallas .NET User Group website says that he plans on covering the following unit testing software:

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Speaker: David O’Hara

Topic: 8/1/2007: Automated Unit Testing

Date: 08-01-2007

When: 6:00 pm

Where: Intuit Headquarters (5601 Headquarters Dr., Plano, Texas 75024)

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