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Last night I attended the North Dallas .NET User Group (NDDNUG) after Shane Henderson maneuvered his truck like a boat down the road because the streets were practically flooded. This was the first user group of any kind that I have attended. Luckily the topic was on something I knew a lot about, Windows Vista. I’m a Windows guy. I always have to be running on the newest possible thing. Even if that means that I have to run an alpha version of Windows. The topic was titled “Developing for Windows Vista using Visual Studio 2005” and was presented by Microsoft MVP Cory Smith. I noticed after the presentation I am really missing out Wisconsin user groups. I didn’t learn very many new things at this user group because of the topic. It was something that I’d really like to attend as much as possible in the future.

Today, I noticed that something was not quite right when we were running our task engine against a new database. I sat down with the SQL guru, David Penton. He came across a few small things that could be added to the SQL query to get even more precise Community Server data. I really love getting the chance to learn from extremely intelligent people, especially at Telligent. Not only are the people at Telligent very helpful on any subject, they also explain and teach you as much as they can. This is one of the main reasons why I love working for Telligent other than the cool culture and people.

I sense that our project, as a whole, is starting to really come together and is looking great. I can’t wait to see what the creative team will do in the coming weeks.

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