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There are many new features that are being shipped with Microsoft SQL Server 2008. But there were only a couple on that list that really stood out as a reason for me to upgrade to SQL Server 2008. What features are you most excited about in the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 release?

  1. Data Compression: Enable data to be stored more effectively and reduce the storage requirements for your data. Data Compression also provides significant performance improvements for large I/O bound workloads like data warehousing.
  2. Backup Compression: Keeping disk-based backups online is expensive and time consuming. With SQL Server 2008 backup compression, less storage is required to keep backups online and backups run significantly faster since less disk I/O is required.
  3. T-SQL Intellisense: It is about time that SQL Management Studio gets Intellisense. (Is SQL2K8 Really a dot Release)

For a list of more features that will be included in Microsoft SQL Server 2008, please visit the source.


What’s New in SQL Server 2008?

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