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On May 6th we released CodeSmith Generator 5.1. This update brings in many welcoming changes, to name a few: .netTiers 2.3, PLINQO 3.0. Also CodeSmith Generator and now requires that the .NET 3.5 Framework is installed before CodeSmith Generator installs.


  • Updated installer to launch CodeSmith Generator after install.
  • Loading a CSP on a new machine with an new connection string will cause TableSchema’s UI to be blank.
  • Fixed a bug where removing a data source from Database Explorer wouldn’t permanently remove the data source.
  • Fixed a threading error when removing a data source from Database Explorer.
  • Fixed a bug where CodeSmith would throw an exception when it couldn’t access the systems registry.
  • Fixed a bug where Copy Properties would throw an exception when called on a unsaved template.
  • Fixed a bug where the SqlCompactSchemaProvider connection string builder class could corrupted additional connection string options.
  • Fixed a bug where the SqlCompactSchemaProvider timestamp/rowversion columns were returning a “rowversion” native type name, should be “timestamp”.
  • Added CodeSmith Customer Improvement Program.
  • Various other minor changes.


  • Fixed a bug where Generate Outputs would throw an error if a Visual Studio Solution contained a Setup and Deployment project.
  • Various minor updates to Visual Studio’s Integration.
  • Updated Visual Studio Integration to unlock assemblies after generation.
  • Fixed a bug where a CSP in Solution folder causes ERROR: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
  • CodeSmith Studio now requires that .NET 3.5 SP1 to be installed.
  • Fixed a bug where CodeSmith Studio would attempt to save a csp for a unsaved template.
  • Fixed a bug where a NullReferenceException would be thrown when toggling the properties window when no template properties existed.
  • Fixed a bug where extracting mapping files could cause an exception.
  • Added Widening, Narrowing, Like, Let, CUInt, CULng, CUShort, and Operator to the VB.NET keyword list.
  • Added var to the C# keyword list.
  • Fixed a bug when using Intellisense and Math. or some variable names would throw an ArgumentOutOfRangeException.
  • Updated CodeSmith Options dialogs.
  • Added support to give feedback and send detailed error information from within CodeSmith.
  • Updated Menu in CodeSmith Explorer, Users can now view the mapping editor, submit feedback, help, or configure options.
  • Updated Manage Outputs and child dialogs to save the window dimensions.
  • Added IndexedEnumerable, this is used to smartly enumerate collections and get a IsEven, IsLast, IsFirst property.
  • Added Linq Querying support to all SchemaExplorer Collections.
  • Added MergeProperty functionality for parsing properties from a CodeTemplate that inherits from an assembly.
  • Added Insert Class Merge Strategy.
  • Added CodeParser.
  • Added support to detect an embedded SDK License.
  • CodeSmith Configuration no longer uses xml files.
  • Updated the documentation for IDbSchemaProvider and DataObjectBase.
  • Fixed a bug in OracleSchemaProvider where AllowDBNull would always be set to true for view columns.
  • Fixed a bug in OracleSchemaProvider where the TableSchema.PrimaryKeys collection wasn’t being populated correctly.
  • Updated OracleSchemaProvider’s configuration to be configurable via the options dialog.
  • Added SQL CLR Support to the SqlSchemaProvider. To see if a command is a CLR procedure check the “CS_IsCLR” extended property.
  • Fixed a bug in SQLSchemaProvider where an xml index would be set to null after upgrading a SQL Server 2005 database to SQL Server 2008.
  • Fixed a bug in SQLSchemaProvider where the ExtendedData query was missing the PropertyBaseType and Minor columns when querying SQL Server 2000 ExtendedData.
  • Added PostgreSQLSchemaProvider, SqlCompactSchemaProvider, SQLiteSchemaProvider, VistaDBSchemaProvider.
  • Updated .netTiers to version 2.3 RTM.
  • Updated PLINQO to version 3.0.
  • Added CSLA Beta templates.
  • Various other minor changes.

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