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I had so much fun last night, Jason Alexander is so awesome. He took us to Dave and Busters last night! I think I had the most fun out of everyone there (Interns, Jason, Rob, and Snelson Stopped by for a minute). I’ve really never been to a place that big before, the only place that I’ve been to that was even remotely in the same category was chucky cheese in like 4th grade. I definitely had a good time, and walked away with around 4600 tickets! When I was checking out, all I could think about was math and what I could get for my nephews and niece, while at the same time having something small left over for myself and others.

It was pretty amazing on how quickly I picked up on recognizing patterns. I think this was the reason I was winning the jackpots left and right. I guess that’s one thing math has taught me; to find patterns and study them. Currently I’m reading a number theory book that’s really good. One of my instructors back at school lent me the book for the summer; he said that I would be interested in this book. He was pretty right. This all came about when I had started talking to him about cryptography during the end of the year. While in that conversation he told me that he had studied cryptography while he was in school. I thought that was pretty cool! There has always been something about cryptography that I find so interesting; that it has made me start to really appreciate math. For those of you who don’t know a lot about me. I’m currently double majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics.

Today, Rob Howard gave us a review; it went pretty good. We came across one or two small things that we need to work on. Overall we are sitting pretty well, and I’m glad the code base is where it is at this point in the game.

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