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I had quite the experience today, for one I committed the Community Server Enterprise Reporting (CSER) Installer into the Repository of Community Server’s Installer. EEK! So I quickly did a “revert” on the folder to what it previously was before I had changed anything.

So here is the story on how it all happened. A few days ago I grabbed down the newest Community Server revision off of svn and copied the installer folder from CS into our project and started rewriting the installer for our project. Thanks to hidden .svn folders and files when I hit commit button today. The data stored in the hidden .svn folder told it to add it to the CS SVN and not the CSER SVN. Luckily Telligent was using source control so I could rollback my commit and get it committed to the right place.

Whenever you need to copy files from one svn repository to another svn repository make sure that you do a “Check out” so it removes the hidden svn directories.

Read the complete post at telliterns.com/blaken/archive/2007/07/26/the-rules-of-subversion-svn.aspx

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