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I just sat down and ate lunch and my mom was watching Extreme Makeover. I kept on seeing a pattern with what each wife’s husband told them when they were reunited. It was along the lines of “You are now beautiful”.

When I was growing up I always got the impression that an individual “should” base their relationships not on looks but for whom they are compatible with. We all are pretty unique individuals, but a majority of men have one thing in common: looks come first and personality follows.

I know that their husbands don’t mean any harm to their wife’s when they say “You are now beautiful”. But to me that sounds like “you were kind of embarrassing to be seen with in public, but now I’ll be proud to take you anywhere”.

If I was on that show I would come up with a better saying than “You are now beautiful” like perhaps “Did you get a haircut? I can’t pinpoint exactly what you changed but you are still beautiful in my book”.

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