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Tonight we updated windowscoding.com to Community Server 2007. After a while of messing around I noticed that I couldn’t access and blog posts. Soon enough, after enough looking around we noticed that the query string had \themes\blogs obviously something was wrong. So I went and messaged my friend and twice time co-worker Rick Reszler if he had any clue as to the reason of my error. He quickly told me that this happens on some sites only after they are migrated from 2.x to 3.x and all you have to do is change the blog theme from default to some other theme and then back to default. However, if this doesn’t work then one needs to stop the website in IIS, recopy the themes folder and then reset the application pool and start back up the website.

I’d like to thank Rick Reszler again, for his superb Community Server elite hacking skills, WoW skills, and being from Wisconsin Skills. ;)

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