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After a very long time, an Microsoft FxCop update has been released. Here is a list of all that has changed:

  • 200+ bug fixes that reduce noise, missing analysis and rule crashes
  • Support for analyzing anonymous methods and lambda expressions
  • New option for skipping analysis over tool generated code
  • Spell checker libraries now ship in the box
  • Changes in the way references are resolved and located
  • Better support for C++/CLI and the Compact Framework
  • Language ‘friendly’ API names in the UI and resolutions (ie Visual Basic syntax if running over a Visual Basic binary)
  • New globalization, design and usage rules
  • New rule for targeting specific versions of the Framework
  • Performance improvements that cut analysis by 2x and use half as much memory
  • Documentation that is now available on MSDN


FxCop 1.36 Released!

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