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So far I have been very impressed with the CTP builds of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. There are some really welcoming changes that are apart of Visual Studio 2010 like UI Unit tests and a completely new IDE written in WPF. The only area where I thought was lacking was the responsiveness of the application. Last night a few members of the Visual Studio team announced that one of there main goals for Beta 1 and RTM is on Performance. I am very excited to hear this.

“During these last weeks we’ve made a lot of progress, I’m sure you’re going to feel the product is a lot snappier than the builds we provided at the PDC. But of course I’m never satisfied – there are even more wins coming later. I worked with many different teams to help us with our startup, with UI transitions, with memory usage, with threading issues – especially with how WPF and our main thread synchronize” Rico Mariani.

Jihad Dannawi from Microsoft Australia reports that MSDN will have the latest bits of Visual Studio 2010 on May 18th, So keep an eye open.

MSDN Download link

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