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Today we had another Scrum meeting and another “Tattletale Design Session” that lasted for a few hours. We all had a lot of fun throwing even more ideas into what reports we can generate. I always liked the phrase “Design now, Code later”, and that is exactly what were doing. I sense that someone in the gang of interns has been really itching to code. Just give it time and we all will be eating, dreaming, and writing all sorts of code!

In other news, I’ve had a little more time to work on my project; I have finally got the xml serialization done. Now it’s on to finish the other parts of the project. The following project is to convert the Blog that uses xml serialization to use MS SQL 2005. I think working with SQL is significantly easier than xml serialization.

Today I also got to go with the rest of the interns to C-rolls Sushi for some “Rock n Roll Combo”. I thought they were very good, along with eel. However I didn’t like the California roll. Being a country boy from Wisconsin, I’ve really never had the chance to try these foreign specialties so it was a treat!

If anyone else has suggestions on some really good restaurants that we could try out, please feel free to leave a comment. I know I’m dieing to get back to the Rafain Brazilian Steakhouse.

As soon as I get done writing this post, we will meet again with Jason Alexander and continue the “Tattletale Design Session”.

Finally before I forget, I am going to get a picture uploaded to our gallery on what I think of when I hear Telliterns. cough Telliterns and Tattletale cough 😀

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