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We started today off with another scrum meeting. I already have it drilled into my head to go there automatically at 9:30am. Today, I did not spend too much time at the computer because we were in the VB conference room all day going over reporting and database design. Tomorrow we will finally be almost done with the database design layout portion. The only thing left is meeting with the SQL guru’s and talk about best practices and what would be the best way to accomplish our task. Then we get to set up the tables and start next step.

I love talking with people who work with one set of technologies every day. Because they want to teach you all the best ways to do something, and explain anything you were confused about. Whenever I come into any situation of this kind, I listen very carefully and am ready to take it all in. What better way is there to learn about a subject, then doing it the right way the first time! So today, Jason Alexander (an ex dba) reviewed database shrinking and the differences between the way SQL databases are engineered. Jason since you are going to be reading this sometime I’d like to thank you. I love learning anything and everything that I can, and I know other interns learned from your speech.

I wish the interns could get the chance to have lunch and learns like Telligent used to have (or still do). Who knows, but if this did happen I’m sure we all would learn a great deal in other .Net areas.

In other news, we all went out to eat at a burger place; it was sure some good eating, although not the best burger I’ve ever had. I think Culver’s Jumbo butter burgers are the best!

I’ve never been down in Texas before when it rained. The thing about Texas weather that I learned today is that when it rains, it really rains. However, I think that back home in Wisconsin we get more soft rain but when it gets really bad out, its way worse than Texas.

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