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Please note that I will continually update this list as I discover newsworthy ReSharper plug One free plug-in for ReSharper 3.0 that I recently found is DT.ReSharperPlugin. DT.ReSharperPlugin makes it extremely easy for anyone to quickly implement localization into new or existing applications. Below is a couple cool features that DT.ReSharperPlugin adds to Visual Studio 2005.

Move strings to resource

Move strings to resource by context action. Move string literal to resource file

Replace string by property

If string exists in project resource files, then use “Replace string by property” context action. Replace by property

Use System.String.Empty instead of “”

For empty strings use System.String.Empty. Replace Empty Strings

Use System.Environment.NewLine instead of “\r\n”

For string that contains \r and \n, use System.Environment.NewLine. Use Environment New Line (DT.ReSharperPlugin overview).

I really like this plug-in, try it out and leave a comment below on what you think.

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DT.ReSharperPlugin overview<



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