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The past week was kind of hectic, first of all I arrived back home to a damaged home. It took a while to clean up the mess even with determined family members and friends. In the near future I will be trying to get some pictures up on facebook of the mess. Now that I don’t have to worry too much about that, I can focus my attention on school, development, and relaxation.

During the past week and a half, I have really missed working at Telligent. I think this is because I have never been around so many extremely intelligent people that have the same interests (e.g. the Telligenti) as me. It was really nice to be able to talk to people about development. Back home I don’t get the luxury of getting to talk to friends about development in anyway shape or form. I also miss going in on Wednesdays to a nice cheerful breakfast, now it’s just a bowl of cereal. I guess I’ll manage for the time being.

Recently I got a sneak peak at the latest build of reporting, (I normally would be able to check it out daily, but I am still waiting for some ports to get unblocked here in my apartment). I truly believe that the public will be stunned at what the Telliterns have accomplished this summer, I know I am.

Some of you might be wondering what I have been up too since I got back, well besides for cleanup, I was packing for school. At this point in time I’m moved into my apartment, and I am currently enjoying waking up every morning at 7:00AM to make it to my 8:00 AM calculus classL. When it comes to workload this semester I think I’m going to be sitting pretty nicely with 17 credits.

I was able to purchase a new dev box last week. Thankfully, Telligent made this possible for me over the summer. Thanks!! In the past when I built a new rig I just used my old one as a dev box, and the stats were never really that good (Celeron 1.2 with 768mb of ram). That isn’t the case now, my new dev box consists of a Quad core Q6600, 500gig hard drive, and 2GB of ram. Best of all was that I found this setup on Dell for only $700 shipped. Everything about it smokes my gaming rig besides the video card. Never in my life have I experienced multiple CPU intensive applications simultaneously load in under a second from a cold start. I can say personally that I’ll never settle for anything less than a quad core with 8mb of L2 cache.

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