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The past week was kind of hectic, first of all I arrived back home to a damaged home. It took a while to clean up the mess even with determined family members and friends. In the near future I will be trying to get some pictures up on facebook of the mess. Now that I don’t have to worry too much about that, I can focus my attention on school, development, and relaxation.

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Today was my last day at Telligent as many of you already know. During this internship I learned many things that one can never learn by watching the television or going to college. Here are a few things I learned from some certain individuals:

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Lately back home the flooding has been pretty terrible, in 3 days I will be flying back home to all this flooding. However Last night, I received two phone calls from my brother and dad, informing me that a tornado had taken out our shop and garage and had also hit the addition onto our house. I was pretty bummed about this whole situation until I found out that my 1967 Barracuda was flattened. Now I am devastated 😕.

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This coming Saturday I’m leaving on a jet plane to head back to good ole' Wisconsin. I’m going to miss everything about Telligent, a lot. It became my extended family. I have truly learned a lot about Telligent like:

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During the past week we had a hack-a-thon event at Telligent headquarters. At the beginning of the week, I kept hearing small snippets of Graffiti. So I asked Jason Alexander what it was, and even though he was secretive about it. All he said is that it’s a CMS solution.