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Tomorrow most of the people at Telligent will be taking the day off, however there are a lot of hard working people at Telligent that are still coming in. We were offered to take off a little bit earlier today if we wanted. This was pretty cool of Telligent. I was unable to take off early due to a couple of the guys came up to me and asked me if I wanted to play some counter-strike: source. They knew I couldn’t resist so here I am going to play a little bit.

Today we worked more on fixing small problems and adding new reports. We were asked to put together a presentation for Friday. One might ponder who our crowd might be? None other than the folks at Telligent! I think when Friday comes around the other employees will see what we have accomplished in a little over a month.

Have a Happy 4th, drive safe and save me some food :D.

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