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Scott Guthrie has released news of a new hotfix available for Visual Studio 2005. It resolves a infrequent performance issue when trying to debug an ASP.NET application.

Over the last year we’ve seen several people report having performance problems when using F5 to run/debug ASP.NET 2.0 applications using Visual Studio 2005. The problem in theses cases typically wasn’t with building the project, but rather that it sometimes took the debugger a really long time to hit the first breakpoint once it attached to the application (45+ seconds and longer sometimes).

Background on the Issue

The particular bug fixed in this hotfix was surprisingly difficult to track down. The slow down issue occurred when breakpoints were set in multiple source files in the same project that had the same short file names (for example: two default.aspx.cs files) and which were organized in a certain directory structure pattern on disk. The patch fixes this issue and should prevent the debugger from pausing when trying to load the web project’s assembly symbols in this case Public Hotfix Patch Available for VS 2005 F5 Debugging Performance Issue with ASP.NET

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Hotfix KB936344

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