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This coming Saturday I’m leaving on a jet plane to head back to good ole' Wisconsin. I’m going to miss everything about Telligent, a lot. It became my extended family. I have truly learned a lot about Telligent like:

  • How to act in a corporate environment
  • How many great employees there are
  • How everyone is really intelligent
  • Anyone can tap into another’s knowledge

During this past week, my fellow interns, who I work with daily, have started to head back to class. Although they aren’t fully leaving Telligent like me for the school year, they are now working part-time during the week when they have off from school. I hope the Community Server Enterprise Reporting really advances throughout the school year. Heck, next summer when I come back, we could be working on version three! Now that would be pretty cool.

In news back home, there has been extreme flooding. Dams are ready to give out, mudslides moving a house off a bluff onto HWY 35 (US HWY that runs next to the Mississippi River), a train derailed, and roads closed and towns have been evacuated. Yes, this all sounds pretty crazy, but go read about it yourself here and here.

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