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Today at our scrum meeting Jason Alexander told us that we would be reviewing Tattletale to Scott Watermasysk and Rob Howard after lunch. So we spent a part of the day cleaning up the code (which was needed a little bit). Soon we realized when we were testing our reports during the cleanup, that someone updated our db schema and deleted some tables, and that we would need to rerun the tasks. For some reason the tasks took especially long time to complete. So during our demo we didn’t have too many reports to show off. It was sure nice to see that Rob and Jason were surprised by our progress. Some of us may be Intern coders, but we do love to eat and dream about code like all the rest of you.

Last night me and Ryan Hoffman sat down and rewrote the Task migration framework in a couple of hours. Previously it had taken over 30 minutes for this one Itask, however it now uses BCP (SqlBulkCopy). Let me tell you, what used to take 30 plus minutes now takes less than 10 seconds.

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