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Today was another dreadful day of having problems with the task framework. We wrote four blog reports today, which is not nearly the amount that we have written in the past, but overall today I think I got a lot accomplished.

We all meet around 11:00 am this morning for our SCRUM meeting; a little late due to Ado had other meetings to attend to. We recognized that we had a few priority ten tasks that needed to be completed today. One task that I took was to Write debug statements in our task framework. So when we run our Task Framework we get the current status written to console. I also took someone elses task and implemented SQL Transactions. I ran into a hiccup but quickly fixed that (thanks to Karthik Hariharan)

I think SQL Transactions are pretty cool. They allow you to Commit() changes to a database if nothing goes wrong. And if something goes wrong during any of your queries. You can easily Rollback() your changes to how it was before you executed some, or all of your queries.

Today for lunch, Granite, the company who Telligent rents from, catered for all the people who work in the building. Seems like we have been getting food left and right lately, to bad this isn’t college 😀

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