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After arriving to work with we started estimating how long our reports would take to complete. Little did we all know that we would run into problems soon enough. Telligent supplied us with a delicious and much appreciated breakfast this morning. After Ryan, Adam and I came back from lunch; we opened our car door and then heard a massive sound coming from Mother Nature. Right after this happened Adam said maybe we should go back and unplug some things. Ryan then said no we will be okay. It was amazing how so much fury could be unleashed with no warning what so ever. Ryan called me up when he got back to the apartment after work and told me that one of his laptops got fried, his router, and my TV Tuner that he was using.

For those of you who don’t know yet. The Community Server team launched Community Server 2007 SP2 yesterday. I think the list of fixes surpasses SP1 by a long shot. So everyone go and update your site now!

One can’t go a day around here without learning something around here, which is GREAT! Ado showed Andrew and I how to do some sweet SQL queries to get exactly the data we needed without doing INNER JOIN(s). So last night, I stayed late and rewrote a bunch of queries to remove all the JOIN(s). I sped up one query that took around 50 seconds (Yes that is a really long time…) down to about one second just by removing a bunch of JOIN(s) on a query that ran against about 70,000 rows multiple times due to JOIN(s).

Read the complete post at telliterns.com/blaken/archive/2007/06/14/the-day-the-join-s-died.aspx

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