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I am happy to be back in Texas because it removed some of the distressing memories that were occurring at home. I woke up at 1:30 am on Sunday morning in order to get ready for my return to Dallas. The three hour drive was a little much considering my plane took off at 6:00 am. After flying through another turbulent flight, we touched down in around 8:20 am. From there Ryan came and picked me up and we went back to the apartment. It is pretty nice to leave 50-60 degree weather for 80 degree weather.

Adam, Ryan and I decided that we would go and see Oceans 13 last night. It was an okay movie, but is not going on my recommended list of movies to see. I understood the whole plot unlike Adam, it is just that there wasn’t very much action or suspense.

Today, Andrew became my new partner. He and I really rocked the reports. And I feel that we could be done by Friday, even though this is not the case. Telligent brought in some pretty good Mexican food for its employees. I really liked the food as I’ve never had some of the items that were on the menu.

I started using Safari as my main browser. I can’t believe it was released to the web! Honestly, I knew that it had been ported to the 8086 platform, but no idea that Apple was going to release it as a fully fledged Windows product. I can’t wait to see Firefox’s market share go down and Apples vulnerabilities go up. It’s about time that Security firms can compare three hugely competing Companies products that run on the Windows operating system, purely based on how secure it is.

Telligent has launched its first podcast, hopefully many more will follow. If you pay close attention to the introduction of the podcast, you will find Ryan Hoffman and me.

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