Code Generation

5 minute read

The following guide will walk you through the basics on how-to extend the CodeSmith Generator PLINQO Templates to fit your custom development needs. In this example we will create a new Webpage for each entity that we generate. This page will contain a LinqDataSource control and an ASP.NET GridView control that will display data from a corresponding entity that we generated. I always recommend that you use the PLINQO API when writing templates that interact with code generated by PLINQO as this…

1 minute read

We have been working with Microsoft over the past few months to ensure that CodeSmith Generator works with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. The currently released version of CodeSmith Generator 5.x already supports Visual Studio 2010 Integration. Although the current support is titled as beta we have ran into very few Visual Studio 2010 bugs and will completely stand behind Visual Studio 2010.