1 minute read

During last week when all the remote Telligenti were in the office, we had the first ever Telligent hack-a-thon. The target of this coding event was to add any feature you thought Graffiti (A new CMS solution) should have. The hack-a-thon at first, was only going to be one prize, which went to the best hacked submission for Graffiti. However, after more than 15 great submissions, Telligent decided the top three submissions would get an 8gig IPhone.

1 minute read

Some of you might be thinking of a top secret Logitech product. I know I was when I heard the utterance “G35.” The G35 is a pretty sweet car and thanks to Donnie, in sales, I was lucky enough to get my first ride in one today. I have noticed that a lot of people here in Texas own a G35. Back home no one has one. In fact, I saw my first one when I arrived in Dallas.

3 minute read

This morning I sat down and started looking at why Community Server Enterprise Reporting was having problems running under medium trust. I kept on thinking something is majorly wrong if Community Server can run under medium trust and we can’t. I figured that all the reflection we use in Community Server Enterprise Reporting was causing the problems. Then I remembered that Community Server uses reflection. If Community Server uses reflection in a couple places then that’s not the…