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My first day at Telligent Systems, Inc. as intern has been pretty exciting! This morning all the interns listened to Jason Alexander as he gave us an orientation. He informed us with all the information we will would need to accomplish our goals while at Telligent Systems, Inc.

For all of you wondering what we interns will be working on this summer you will have to look no further. We will be working on a project codenamed Tattletale (Community Server Enterprise Reporting). It will be pretty amazing when we are done!

After meetings and paperwork we had a very nice lunch with Rob Howard, Jason Alexander and Tom Edwards.

Now onto who I am 😀 my name is Blake Niemyjski. I am currently enrolled in a Computer Science major at UW Wisconsin: Richland. I own and operate windowscoding.com my focus on this website is to introduce new and existing technologies to anyone interested in learning.

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