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This morning I woke up ready for another day of learning anything and everything that I can get my hands on.

When we arrived at Telligent this morning, we all received an email stating that we would have scrum meetings everyday for the rest of the summer. So after the very short meeting about that dealt with the details of scrum development, we split paths and worked on individual tasks for about a half hour.

Then it was off to meeting two titled “Tattletale Architecture Design Session”; we discussed how we are going design Tattletale’s project structure and implementation choices. Jason Alexander had scheduled this meeting to last all day; little did we know that we would end this meeting and head off to lunch.

After lunch we all worked on our projects again, my project dealt with serializing an ArrayList of classes to xml. There is very little documentation on this subject it seems to me or I’m just looking in the wrong places in the huge xml book that I found in the book room.

Finally, all the interns met up again with Jason Alexander in the C# room, and we discussed TortoiseSVN and eventually implemented the project. Our goal is to roll out beta1 at build 35 (joking)… After setting up the project with SVN we were at build 17.

I truly love the working and learning environment that I’m in. If you need a book for research, just check out the huge book room that’s filled with up-to-date books on any .Net subject. If you can’t find it in a book just simply ask someone, only after following the half hour figure it out yourself rule. 😀

Ryan Hoffman has put up some pictures for everyone, so check out the gallery.

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