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As one might suspect the weather here in Dallas is starting to return to normal. We have had three days of fairly nice weather with only a little bit of rain falling today. I can feel that August is going to bring some warm weather. I really don’t mind warm weather that much, because I know I’ll be in where it’s nice and cool.

When you tell someone that your living down in Texas they are always like “It’s going to be so 110 outside everyday”. My response to them is I’m a developer, and developers develop in doors, where there is such a thing as “Air Conditioning” and if that ceases to exist, then I am sure we would all go and get giant blocks of ice and fan, like in the good old days. I’m really glad that they have central air for housing and Air Conditioners for cars! Where would we be if Air Conditioning didn’t exist at all? Canada? Alaska? Who knows?

Today, the team narrowed down the list of tasks in Base Camp. By tomorrow morning we should have a new build to put up on the intranet for everyone at Telligent to see. So check it out and let me know what you think.

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