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I believe that the other interns and I have done a really great job this week! We have sat down and got a ton of work done in a short amount of time. After the meeting on Friday with Jason Alexander and Rob Howard, I could see it that we are where we need to be. Rob Howard even announced on his blog that he was going to show off some screenshots this weekend!

I went to the apple store with a few of the guys from work. Jason Alexander and Shane Henderson needed to get some repair work done on their Mac Book’s. While I was in the store I noticed that the workers referred themselves as “genius”. I find this hilarious; because any 14 year old who is really into computers, could work there and know what’s going on. I also came across Norton Antivirus and another Antivirus product in the Apple Store. I thought Macs never break down and don’t get viruses? So why are they selling antivirus software in the store? Yet Apple is continually bashing Microsoft during commercials about blue screens and viruses. The whole apple experience was quite a different experience for me. I still am not 100% sure if I could ever like the Apple Experience. I really don’t like that one has to create an appointment to get something fixed every time something small goes wrong with said “Apple” product.

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