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Today I heard a few words being yelled out into the hallway from a fellow intern. When this happens, I always take the time off and investigate because I know something has gone wrong. In this case, Andrew broke the build again today.

The build breaker wasn’t a programming bug, he just forgot to close Visual Studio, so it never saved the project file. This caused the build to break because the project file contains what’s included in the project. When he forgot to update the project file (the project file that says don’t include this file because file XXX.XXX was deleted), it wasn’t committed, thus causing the build to break on our machines.

I started working on making the Community Server Enterprise Reporting Web Installer. It’s taking a bit longer to complete than I expected it would take. Rob Howard put up some small snapshots of our project on his blog; so go check them out.

Read the complete post at telliterns.com/blaken/archive/2007/07/24/oh-snap.aspx

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