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Telligent let the word out and posted a release date on the forums. Around September 1st, we will be releasing beta one of Community Server Enterprise Reporting. For the past two days I have been working on the installer for Community Server Enterprise Reporting. Hopefully tomorrow morning I’ll finish the small little bit of work that still needs to be done. That is if nothing else jumps out at me!

Around noon, nine of us went out to Purple Cow for lunch. Half of us got lost while trying to find it. Jason Alexander and Delia Johnson thought Purple Cow was near the Dallas Tollway. Thanks to Kevin Clark’s vast knowledge of Bovines, we found the watering hole in time for grub. (I think I’m starting to talk like a Texan 😕 JK). Delia quickly gave me the information that I needed “Just pick whatever Jason’s getting. He always picks the best on the menu.” Let me tell you, we got pretty wasted off that advice, 15 shots each… later… we were all ready to break the build! JUST KIDDING! I ended up getting the same as Jason and Delia, which was a meatloaf sandwich with fries and water. I might add that it was pretty delicious, and wouldn’t mind going back to Purple Cow!

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